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New Jumbo Silks

We’re beyond excited to finally introduce the biggest kept secret from Play Silkies (pun intended). We think the new Jumbo silks are the perfect addition to the collection and we are so proud of them. Without a doubt they are the new favourite in our house and we’re sure they will be loved in yours too!

 The new Jumbo size (180cm x 90cm) has been intentionally selected after rigorous testing. Testing covered ease of use, versatility for a wide range of play and opportunity for new ways to play. We are confident that they are big enough to invite new ways to play but still manageable for little people. 

For this range the design inspiration came from the sky and includes, rainbow, clouds and galaxy. 
Like the rest of the Play Silkies range the Jumbo Silks are certified to meet Australian and European toy standards from birth.

Mini Silks

A set of six block coloured silks made from the highest quality, 8mm (momme) Habotai Silk.

Children will love the six bright colours that are included in the set which inspire play opportunities including doll play, dancing and peek-a-boo. 

Each Mini Silk measures approximately 45cm x 45cm and is made from the same high quality silk as Play Silkies Originals. These silkies are made to be strong, soft and silky to allow for years of play. 

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Original Play Silks

Designed in Melbourne, Australia and made from the highest quality, 8mm (momme) Habotai Silk.

Each Play Silkie measures approximately 90cm x 90cm making them perfect for a range of play including dressing up, cubbies and peek-a-boo. 

These silkies are made to be strong, soft and silky to allow for years of imaginative play. 


The Rainbow Play Silkie has a special place in our heart as it represents our family name. A bright and beautiful wheel of colours, it’s no surprise that this is the most popular choice. 

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Summer- inspired by a hot Summer’s day, down by the beach, soft sand between your toes and the warm sun at your back. A stunning bright  combination of blended yellow and orange colours.

Autumn- a warm collection of purple and orange colours representing the changing colours of Autumn leaves.

Winter- a gentle gradient of cool, yet bright blues reminding us of cool winter mornings. 

Spring- fresh greens representing new growth as the weather beings to warm.

Sweet Treats

Deliciously colourful:

Fairy Floss- a stunning pastel swirl

Sherbet- bright and punchy fluorescent tones

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Natural Treasures

Earth: blue and green tones

Sunset: pink and purple tones

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