Premium Play Silks

Giant Silks

Introducing our awe-inspiring Giant Silks! Crafted with the same dedication to quality as our other syles, these silks are designed to make an even bigger impression on playtime. Measuring a remarkable 270x110cm, these Giant Silks promise a whole new realm of imaginative possibilities. Dive into a world of boundless creativity, as these silks invite children to dream, explore, and play on an epic scale. Elevate playtime to an extraordinary level with our Giant Silks.

Giant silk

Jumbo Silks

Behold our magnificent Jumbo Silks, a stellar addition to our collection. Standing at a generous 180cm x 90cm, their size has been meticulously curated after extensive testing to ensure they are both user-friendly and versatile for a wide spectrum of play. While these Jumbos introduce exciting new dimensions to play, they remain perfectly manageable for the littlest adventurers. Drawing inspiration from the celestial expanse, our designs include enchanting rainbows, fluffy clouds, and cosmic galaxies. Like all Play Silkies, our Jumbo Silks proudly bear certification to meet stringent Australian and European toy standards right from birth.

Mini Silks

Introducing our vibrant Mini Silks, a set of six in captivating block colours, meticulously fashioned from the same premium 8mm (momme) Habotai Silk as our Original Play Silks. Each Mini Silk measures approximately 45cm x 45cm, ideal for sparking doll play, impromptu dance sessions, and delightful rounds of peek-a-boo. These silks are designed to be robust, plush, and sumptuously smooth, promising years of delightful play for your little ones.

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Original Play Silks

Elevate playtime with our signature Original Play Silks, crafted in Melbourne, Australia. Fashioned from exquisite 8mm (momme) Habotai Silk, each Silkie spans approximately 90cm x 90cm, providing ample room for a variety of imaginative activities. Whether it’s donning costumes, building cubbies, or indulging in a game of peek-a-boo, these silks are tailored for robustness, softness, and a luxuriously silky feel, ensuring years of creative play.


The Rainbow Play Silkie has a special place in our heart as it represents our family name. A bright and beautiful wheel of colours, it’s no surprise that this is the most popular choice. 

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Summer- inspired by a hot Summer’s day, down by the beach, soft sand between your toes and the warm sun at your back. A stunning bright  combination of blended yellow and orange colours.

Autumn- a warm collection of purple and orange colours representing the changing colours of Autumn leaves.

Winter- a gentle gradient of cool, yet bright blues reminding us of cool winter mornings. 

Spring- fresh greens representing new growth as the weather beings to warm.

Sweet Treats

Deliciously colourful:

Fairy Floss- a stunning pastel swirl

Sherbet- bright and punchy fluorescent tones

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Natural Treasures

Earth: blue and green tones

Sunset: pink and purple tones

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