Play Silkies

One of the most beautiful, open-ended toys you can find.

Strong, soft and silky!

Australian Family Designed and Owned

Certified to meet Australian Toy Standards

Endless Play Opportunities

Play Silkies; More than just a toy

Discover a world beyond the ordinary with Play Silkies – they’re more than just capes, play scenes, or games. Our enchanting silkies hold the power to nurture every facet of your child’s growth journey, from cognitive abilities to motor skills, all while fostering unbreakable family bonds.

Radiating with vibrant hues and sensory delights, Play Silkies irresistibly captivate children’s attention. As they explore and play, these silkies become conduits for igniting imagination, kindling creativity, and fueling relentless curiosity. Each silky touch opens doors to endless possibilities, empowering your child to embark on magical adventures.

With Play Silkies, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re crafting cherished family memories. Just as these silkies have woven their way into our hearts, we invite you to create your own timeless moments and cultivate connections that echo through generations.

Elevate playtime, inspire growth, and weave unforgettable stories with Play Silkies – where wonder knows no bounds.

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