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Playsilkies are the most vibrant and sturdy silks we have owned! Our jumbo and giant silks are so generous in size and we often use them to brighten our play space on our playstand when they are having a break from play. They have held up to two young boys playing with them daily for over a year now and look brand new. The giant silk we recently purchased is huge and oh so beautiful, definitely recommend taking it outside for play too.

Sarah L

Silkies are a staple in our playful and creative world. They’re without a doubt one of the most played with items in our household. They evoke imaginative play so perfectly and are so easy to store away at the end of every day. The quality is beautiful and they wash up perfectly.


Playsilkies are amazing! They would be an excellent baby shower gift or present for a young kid. We got our first playsilkies a couple of years ago and my boys (and I) still love playing with them! They are so soft to touch and super strong. The colours are also stunning and would brighten any room. Even after being sucked on, scrapped along teeth, washed in the washing machine and used repeatedly, they still look beautiful. We have used them for cubbies, hairdressing capes, peek-a-boo, grass for small world play, water for pretend fishing/boating, dressing up as ghosts and so much more. The possibilities are endless! I’m sure our playsilkies will be used for many years to come. Thank you playsilkies for making such a great product!


We love our play silkies! They are strong, vibrantly coloured, soft and beautiful. Perfect addition to any playroom


Drab play? Freshen it up with a play silk

Cranky day? Cheer up with a play silk

Happy day? Dance with a play silk

Pretend play? Dress up with a play silk

Indoor play? Make a cubby with a play silk

We are beyond obsessed with all of ours, they are constantly used and are never taken out of rotation!


I’ve tried a few brands if play silks and playsilkies are just the the best. Nice and thick and floaty. Plus the colours are amazing


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