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Get ready for a magical playtime experience with the Sunset Play Silkie! This enchanting play silk features a blend of dreamy pink and purple hues, inspired by the mesmerizing colours of a stunning sunset. As your little one twirls and plays with this silky toy, they’ll be transported to a world of wonder and imagination. So why settle for a dull playtime when you can add a touch of magic with the Sunset Play Silkie?

Play Silkies are the perfect toy for imaginative play, sensory exploration, and dress-up fun! Made from high-quality silk, these vibrant and silky toys are perfect for kids of all ages. Whether your child is pretending to be a superhero, a princess, or just dancing around the house, Play Silkies will add a touch of magic to their playtime.

Measuring 90cm x 90cm, Play Silkies Regular are just the right size for little hands to manipulate and explore. And they’re made to last – crafted from 100% 8mm (momme) pure mulberry silk, these toys are strong and tough enough to withstand everything from tight knots to rough toddlers.

And the best part? Play Silkies are easy to clean! Simply hand wash and hang to dry, and they’ll be ready for the next adventure.

Rated safe for all ages and certified by AU and EU standards, you can trust that your child is playing with a safe and high-quality toy.

Give your child the gift of endless imaginative play with Play Silkies!

5 reviews for Sunset Play Silk

  1. Dominique gohr (verified owner)

    The colours in this playsilk are sooooooo pretty. The pink and purple really pop. We love this one!

  2. Alice (verified owner)

    This silk is absolutely gorgeous colours, the perfect addition to our set as we were missing pink in our collection!

  3. Caroline

    Our two favourite colours – pink and purple. My mum wants one for Mother’s Day to wear as the colours are so beautiful 😍 truly remind me of the night sky long after sunset!

    Image #1 from Caroline
  4. Helen Brunner

    The prettiest play silk. We use ours for tea parties and fairy play. It’s my 4 year old daughters favourite

  5. Amie Hankinson (verified owner)

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