Mini Play Silks


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Enhance your child’s playtime with Play Silkies Mini Silks – a set of six hand-dyed silk scarves in bright block colours of purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

At 45cm x 45cm, these mini silks are perfect for small world play, sensory exploration, colour sorting and creative fun. Your child can use them as doll blankets, capes, hats, and even as part of an obstacle course. The possibilities for imaginative play are endless with these silks, making them a great addition to any playroom.

Crafted from 100% 8mm (momme) pure mulberry silk, Play Silkies Mini Silks are built to last and intentionally designed to withstand the wear and tear of playtime, including rough toddlers and tight knots. And when it’s time for a clean-up, these silks are easy to maintain with a simple hand wash and hang to dry.

Safe for all ages and certified by AU and EU standards, you can trust that your child is playing with a high-quality and safe toy.

Get ready for hours of open-ended play with Play Silkies Mini Silks!


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